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Historic Information
Forces Driving People to America
Penn's Influence on Yarnall Quakers
Land Offered in Penn's Holy Experiment (Yarnall reason to come to America)
Yarnall Brothers Depart from England
Yarnall Brothers Arrive in America
Finding the Link of Our Branch to a Yarnall Brother

Unique Information
Proper Use of Coat of Arms
Thoughts for Descendants to Ponder
Trick House and Wrangletown Stories

Special Females featured in this project
Pauline Anne (Polly) Cheverelli Yarnall (Wife of TVY Jr)
Mary Louise Palm Yarnall (Mother of TVY Jr)
Louise Grace Yarnall (Daughter of TVY Jr) Little info
Sue Ann Florence Yarnall (Sister of TVY Jr) Almost no info provided
Natalie Skye Yarnall (Granddaughter of TVY Jr) New info coming

Direct Line of Males featured in this project
William Henry Yarnall
George Grant Yarnall
Thomas Vincent (Joseph) Yarnall
Thomas Vincent Yarnall Jr / TVY Jr Pedigree Chart
Steven Vincent Yarnall Little info
Jack Stuart Yarnall Little info
Bradley Thomas Yarnall Little info
Nicholas Jackson Yarnall Little info
Robert Harvey Yarnall
William John Yarnall New info coming

Some Family History Highlights (in alphabetic order)
Altoona Pictures and Info
Ancestry Diagram
Aston Maps, Picture, and Info
Cherry Hill Pictures and Info
Church Pictures and Info
Civil War Maps, Pictures, and Info
Clifton Heights Maps and Info
Crozerville Maps and Info
Edgmont Maps and Info
Gravestones Pictures and Info
Middletown Maps and Info
Richmond Maps, Pictures, and Info
Rockville Pictures and Info
Springfield Maps and Info
Vocations Chart
Willistown Map and Info
Worcestershire Maps and Info
World Travels of TVY Jr

Wife's and Mother's Paternal and Maternal Families
Cheverelli Polly's dad
DeKyne Polly's mother
Palm Mary's dad
Rohrbach Mary's mother
Links to Other Sites

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Rick's Website (Great census info)

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NOTE: The top website was discontinued by my brother Bill about 2010.This link is a placeholder in case he gets another.

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