Yarnall Genealogy

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The links above reveal that orthogenesis did not apply to the Yarnall evolution.
What Drove Two Yarnall Boys To America?

Charles I
Born 1600
Died 1649
When James I (James VI King of Scots) became the king of both Scotland and England, he asserted the divine right of kings. He declared himself independent of Parliament and superior to all law.
The reign of Charles I began. He issued Proclamations in place of the Acts by Parliament. This caused civil wars between the King and Parliament to take place from 1642 until 1651. There were also religious divisions among the people. Two political parties evolved. The Whigs wanted to minimize the powers of the Crown. The Tories wanted to protect those powers.
Charles I was tried and executed after losing the war with Parliament. Power was concentrated under a leader in Parliment named Oliver Cromwell until 1658 as Lord Protector. When Cromwell died in 1658, his son Richard was chosen to be the next leader. Richard Cromwell was ineffective, and King Charles II (of the Stuart line) was asked to come back from exile in the Isle of Jersey and rule Britain.
Charles II became King. These 3 kings preferred that Roman Catholicism be the religion for all of England. The Yarnall boys did not like this. They joined the Quaker movement. They went to America in 1683.

Charles II
Born 1630
Died 1685
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