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"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root." - Chinese Proverb
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This is the home page of the T. V. Yarnall Jr. genealogy project.

The Process
I did this research to provide descendants (with a curiosity like mine) with as much insight about their ancestors as possible. Additions will be needed because my content as of 2020 is primarily about my wife and me. This project is almost the size of a 1000-page book (webpages in this case). The neat links to pictures, music, and video provide the flexibility that paper cannot. I began this project by asking my mother a few questions in the 1960s. By 1992 I got serious about this project. I wish I had asked my mother more questions before she passed in 1998. If you have content to add, send me your comments and pictures. Corrections and questions are welcome. Click here to send them by email. If you want to create additional pages, Adobe Dreamweaver was the software I used.
The Challenges
A poem explains one big challenge - apathy of offspring. When I was five years old my grandfather George Grant Yarnall died. I did not ask him questions at that age. Years later I had to glean some info about him from a few church and census records. In 2007 my cousin, Tom Scott, sent me a wonderful picture of my grandfather's family. It is in the GGY section of this project. In 2012 Tom sent me a note along with a picture of the Delaware County high school all star football team on which my brother Bob played. Thanks to some Civil War military documents, I was able to get info about my great grandfather, William Henry Yarnall. His parents are a mystery that is explained in the GGY and WHY sections. My brother Bill built his own site, discontinued it, and accidentally deleted his data. Funny Cartoon about the cycle of life. Musing about life. Theme song of my life.
The Sources
Digitized newspaper articles, documents from relatives, and family photographs. The Yarnall folks might not have owned many cameras because they handed down very few pictures. The Palm family (my mother's family) used cameras frequently. Mother's sister, Sarah, saved more pictures than most - thank goodness. The Cheverelli family (my wife's parents) took many pictures and I am grateful for that. I used pictures taken by Polly (my wife) and me. I hope some descendants will add to this project after I am gone.
The Purpose
The lyrics from a country music song named "Something Worth Leaving Behind" describe the spirit of this project. They really apply to my wonderful wife and my hard-working parents. I may not go down in history - I just want someone to remember me. My wife and our son, Brad, dislike my use of music and video in this project - too time consuming for the reader! They are correct. There is a lot of well-researched info that will require extensive time to digest. Try short visits. I hope you find it informative AND enjoyable.
Special Reminders
Live simply and honestly / Love generously / Compliment whenever possible / Maintain a reasonable set of values
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